The GLG Team


Gabe wouldn’t be as successful as he is without his clientele, Youth and Non Pro riders. They provide not only great horses, but great attitudes and support that make the team a success together!

Gabe has the help of wife Shannon who handles all the bookkeeping and billing and coordinates all his advertising and marketing.

Gabe also gives thanks to his remarkable team of farriers and veterinarians.

Finally, Gabe is proud to have the help and support of two very special people, his parents Gary and Mary Garrison. Mary is Gabe’s most supportive fan and Gary himself has an extensive background as a horseman having worked for well-known trainers such as Bill Murphy, Stanley Glover and Buster Welch. Now in retirement, Gary enjoys spending his days helping Gabe at the barn and shows.


James “JD” Downs
Neil Miller


Dr. Joe Stricklin, DVM
Dr. Heather Dahl, DVM
Dr. Dave McClain, Chiropractor